Thirst for freedom...

Born in the former Yugoslavia, of Belgian nationality and living in France, this uprooting has undoubtedly forged my free spirit.

A need for creation...

Since my adolescence, an appetite for creation has led me in turn to careers as a professional musician and composer for 15 years (Dick Rivers, Patrick Coutin, etc.), screenwriter and now photographer.

Why photography?

This art allows me to express my sensitivity without ostentation and without compromise.

In addition, I find strong feelings that I experienced with music. In the field, I am in action, like during a concert. And during the retouching sessions, I find myself in the studio, working on a photo, like on a mix!

Favourite subjects

I love the calm of nature, the madness of concerts, but also human contact during portrait sessions.

Black & White or Color?

Black and white allows me to create an atmosphere, an atmosphere that sometimes flirts with the dark side, sometimes with the Force.

I love color for its calm, its calm...

Color and Black & White are the two facets of my personality.

My projects?

To present my photographic exhibition Auschwitz, industry of the “final solution”.

In 2023, travel across Europe (and beyond?!) to immortalize landscapes and inhabitants while sharing reports on the culture and professions of this magnificent continent.

vladimir kar, photographer and traveler

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