Thirst for freedom...

Born in former Yugoslavia, of Belgian nationality and having taken up residence in Brittany, this uprooting undoubtedly forged my free spirit.

A need for creation…

Since my adolescence, an appetite for creation has led me in turn to careers as a musician for 15 years, scriptwriter and today a photographer.

Why photography?

Photography allows me to express my sensitivity without ostentation and without compromise. At all stages, from shooting to final photography, I appreciate the calm, serenity and reassurance it provides.

My photography is more focused on artistic and aesthetic research, than a representation of reality.

I like being able to sometimes get lost, sometimes find myself in this minimalist photography. 

It’s an invitation to travel in the form of introspection…

My projects?

Present my photographic exhibition Auschwitz, industry of the “final solution”.

Since 2023, I have been traveling across Europe in a van.
Traveling allows me to recharge my batteries in contact with these magnificent landscapes while continuing my quest for subjects that inspire my photography.
2024 will be the year of the United Kingdom.

Publications and Awards:

Monochrome Photography Awards : Honorable Mention, Professional Photojournalism category.
FRAME Digital Companion (Switzerland)
NOC Sensei (Italy) Nov 2023
NOC Sensie (Italy) April 2024

Vladimir Kar

– An invitation to travel in the form of introspection –


Recent exhibition:

From December 2 to 8 in Istanbul, Türkiye

Luna Grande Art Gallery

Exhibition Istanbul 2023
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