Welcome to you ! My name is Vladimir Kar. I’m a Photographer.

I recently decided to CHANGE MY LIFE and devote myself entirely to TRAVEL & PHOTOGRAPHY.
Living in Europe, wouldn’t it be a good idea to browse this beautiful continent with a van?

Travel with me

Why a VAN ?! … To Travel, isn’t it !

The Vanlife is cultivating this need for FREEDOM anchored in me.

Being close to the spots to photograph with its Tiny house, it is invaluable !

Always attracted by new challenges, it seems to be the right choice to mix all my different passions: music, screenwriting, videography & photography.

Beside being a photographer, i wanted to share with you My Journey. The Good, the Bad and some daily stories…

–> By the way…. You are a traveller and want to share some Stories, Adventures or specific tips ?
I’ll be pleased to publish them … Feel free to contact me !