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Travel through Europe

Here we go… 'On the Road again'

After years of sedentary life, former musician, I had to CHANGE MY LIFE and find the Road.




“Travel is a return to basics…” Tibetan proverb

…and traveling by Van makes it easier….

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From dream to reality

'FINALLY, all the planets were aligned so that we could leave the Paris region…
a year ago!

Our daughter was starting studies in the provinces. After a long trial of 6 years, we were finally able to renovate our house and put it up for sale. I could now sell my business from my self-employed window cleaning business. (it must be said that for more than a year, the tendons and knees were in pain)

So I had to reinvent myself once again… But what?!

A former musician, I remember these discussions with my colleagues. We ended up admitting to ourselves that what we liked so much about music was above all being on the road!
For years, the desire to create had left me. – Off –

Was going to be reappearing?…

She came back through an unexpected door: screenwriting. But the far too long process and myriads of decision makers pushed me to jump ship. Either way, it's been useful to me. Like writing this blog, for example!

And then in 2018, there was a click, a meeting with a Belgian childhood friend photographer. - I dove ! –

So when we had to reinvent ourselves, it was rather simple: mix travel and photography!

SOLD ! Traveling through Europe seemed like a great solution to me!

The idea germinated but so many things to do in the meantime. - A year -

After finding the van (Miss Paulette Camion), selling the house, moving, re-moving, etc, etc…. things were falling into place. – I was ready for the adventure –

EXCEPT THAT ! Dreaming is one thing but the thing happening, doubt sets in.

And as Master Yoda said (it's a bit my religion), doubt leads to the dark side. And in a way, he is not wrong because doubt sometimes annihilates our desires and our ambitions.
Moreover, comfortably installed in his new home, it is not easy to face his Destiny. (and another Star Wars reference!)

However having doubts is one thing, having regrets can be much more terrible. I set myself a departure date:

February 5, 2023

In order to get used to our new solitary life (if that's possible?!) and make adjustments to the van, I would leave for a 7-week tour of Brittany to finish on the high tides of Mont St Michel.

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