From Home to Guerande

Feb. 5 & 6 2023
Le Pouliguen II 2

Travelling Europe with my camera

Here we are, on the road again !

After years of a sedentary life, I decided to CHANGE MY LIFE and start a Travel Journey.




Travel History

From Dream to Reality

‘FINALLY, we’ll be able to leave the Paris suburb…’ we said to ourselves about a year ago!

All the planets were aligned: our daughter is going to university in the Province, the renovation of our house is finished and we can sell it and so can I can sell my window-cleaning business (especially as my tendons and knees were starting to get a bit tired).

I will have to reinvent myself once again… What to do?

As a former musician being on the road, i was afraid that the thrill for all creation was gone but…Since a few years, my thirst for creation had been knocking on my door again and I welcomed it with wisdom and humility in the field of photography.
It seemed logical to take this path…. And by the way, speaking of path, why not mix photography and travel!?

SOLD! Travelling around Europe in a van seemed to me the best solution!

The idea was there but… So many things to sort out !!!! Selling my business, preparing my daughter’s return to school, selling the house, moving, finding the van, etc, etc…( and I’m probably forgetting some etc, etc…)

After finding the van (Miss Paulette Camion), selling our house, moving out, moving back in… settling down a bit, preparing the van… Everything was ready for the adventure EXCEPT :

Dreaming about it is one thing and actually doing it is another! (?!?) As this dream of a journey takes shape, doubt creeps in.
And as Master Yoda used to say ( it’s a bit my religion) Doubt leads to the dark side! And in a way, he is right. It clouds our thoughts and slows down, even annihilates our desires and ambitions.
Moreover, comfortably settled in our new cosy nest, it is not easy to face our destiny (another Star Wars reference 😉 ) and to find ourselves alone in 8 m2 far from our friends and family.
Besides, my subconscious managed to give itself many times more or less crazy excuses to delay the departure!
I had to take things seriously. I had to leave him no choice and set a definitive departure date!

It will be the 5th of February 2023!

The day before and the day before were tinged with a certain sadness. Leaving my wife alone (with the cat…. phew!) in our beloved house and going on an adventure.

At over 50, I have finally (sic) got to know myself and regret can be destructive… I won’t step back!

In the worst case, if things don’t turn out the way I imagined them or whatever, I could come back. I have that chance! We built it.

In order to get used to our solitary lives (if that’s possible?!), I’d go to Brittany for 6 weeks and end up on the high tides of Mont St Michel…


  • Nature 80% 80%
  • Culture 89% 89%
  • Van « Friendly » 80% 80%









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