Hello My Friends !

You want to travel as I do and wish to know how can we earn money while traveling ?
Good News ! There are a lot of jobs we can do.
As we ALL have our own skills, while traveling we can earn money in a lot of different ways..
Some of us can be Digital Nomads, but the other ones ?!

Welcome to My Little Detour !
My name is Vladimir, I am 53 and about TO CHANGE MY LIFE for a VANLIFE through Europe.
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◦ Accountant
◦ Ads manager (Google, Facebook, etc.)
◦ Affiliate marketer
◦ Agency owner
◦ Amazon seller
◦ App developer
◦ App downloader
◦ Blog manager
◦ Community manager
◦ Copywriter
◦ Customer service rep
◦ Day trader
◦ Digital marketer
◦ Drop shipper
◦ Ebook writer
◦ Editor
◦ Etsy seller
◦ Fiverr
◦ Freelance content writer
◦ Graphic designer
◦ Independent travel agent
◦ Instagrammer
◦ Online course creator
◦ Online fitness coach
◦ Online player
◦ Online Teacher….

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