In 2022, I will change my life and start travelling around Europe, from North to South, East to West. Sharing my experiences with you through videos on Youtube and on this website.

But Why ? ….

change my life

Since 30 years, my wife, my daughter and I have lived in the Paris suburb. (A little less time for my daughter)
For tourists, Paris means glamour, museums and Eiffel Tower.
For us, it is traffic jams, pollution and stress.

Divers and travelers for more than 20 years, my wife and I dreamed of getting closer to the sea. ut various constraints prevented us from doing so.
This year, many of them have been lifted and we can finally consider the sale of our house in order to settle closer to the sea.

Since 13 years, my small windows cleaning business has brought me many beautiful encounters and has left me a lot of time for photography, my new passion. However, I was getting tired of it. ( Not of photography 😉 )

Therefore a new job had to be considered…

What do I WANT to do?


FREEDOM has always been my driving FORCE.
Wherever I go, whatever I do… There is no question of breaking this rule when it comes to building a new life for the next few years.

Quickly, something obvious came to me. As a professional musician for 15 years, I remembered our exchanges between us and we often heard each other say that what we loved the most in our job was the road….

I had to Hit the Road again…

The very idea of going back on the road caused me a few sleepless nights as I felt so excited by this desire… which today causes me other sleepless nights… to prepare my CHANGING LIFE…

The list of the things i have to learn and accomplish to reach my goal is a long parchment of which I do not cease discovering new lines…

And I want to share with you this parchment.
Through videos and this website, we will discover together all the steps, from the creation of videos to the departure…

I have already written some Gear Reviews, if you are interested in some photography & videography gear choices.
You may also be interested to see a large part of my B & W work :

A long initiatory trip for a new life…

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