Born in Ex-Yugoslavia in 1968, I was 3 years old when my parents decided to flee Tito's communist regime. We first settle in Belgium, then for professional reasons, moved to France in 1978.

At the age of 12, the old piano in the living room was inviting me & I started the conservatory.
Quickly, seeing potential, my teacher took me under his wings and at 15 ... I knew that I would make it for living one day!

At the beginning, there was the music ...
At 16, I formed my first band and composed my first songs. I discovered the Blues which became my favourite music, probably the freedom need, anchored in my family.
Few years later, i started my musical career.
After a few chaotic years, spotted by a French Blues artist, things quickly grew up till i worked with some famous t French artists.

A few years later, very affected by a dispute with an artist, depression knocked on my door and ... I stopped all musical activity.

Relationship with photography ?!

My need for creation was coming back and I study dramaturgy. A year later, i wrote 3 short films that were produced.
However, the slowness of the process, coupled with the different layers of decision and compromise, did not suit me and I left this adventure...

During those years, I met up with a childhood friend who was a photographer and instantly I was won over and seized with a passion for this art.

I will finally be able to express my sensitivity without any compromise !

What does photography represent for me?

The calm, the serenity and actually, I rediscover some of the sensations I used to experience with music. On the pitch, I'm in the action, like a concert. And during retouching sessions, I find myself in the studio, working on a photo, like on a mix!

Black & White or Color?
The Black & White allows me to create an atmosphere sometimes flirtatious with the dark side, sometimes with the Force.
And when working with colors, i like soft & soothing ones.

Black & White and Color photography are the 2 sides of my personality.

My projects ?
For 2022, I'm working on a crazy project ... lead an almost nomadic life in a Van browsing Europe and sharing stories about the culture of this beautiful continent!
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